This is reposted from The Next Web’s Article of the same name. I thought is was cool enough and timely enough to get this out to you right away… I’ve already signed up. 

In the era of dwindling attention spans and data overload, we’re seeing video and infographics dominating on the web. We’ve also seen some wickedly creative job applications, particularly in the tech industry. Combining these two recent trends, and a dash of rampant unemployment, you’ll understand the quick attraction to, a web app that’s currently in closed beta that turns your Linkedin profile into a slick infographic.’s algorithms and templates import your Linkedin information and transform it into a Feltron-like professional infographic. In an interview with FastCo Design, founder Eugene Woo said that “he got the inspiration for his startup after seeing Chris Spurlock’s resume go viral (and land him a job at The Huffington Post).” The site received over 16,000 sign-up requests from’s beta launch site in just two weeks this past June, but invites have been slowly rolling out since.

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Before you go sending out infographics instead of a traditional resume, be sure to think wisely about who your potential employer is and what you want to get across. Infographics, while stylistically popular can just as easily come across as junky to more traditional employers. If you’re sending your resume in, and your on the fence, I’d offer up a traditional resume, and a link to your resume as a “Look at me! I’m tech savvy” bonus.

While the service is currently in closed beta, you can sign up here for an invite. To both monetize and to help users remain unique, Woo says he will likely offer personalization options through a variety of free and paid themes and social media integration.