Technologies have changed our lives completely. We do all the things now differently. We have machines to do our dishes, do our laundry, and cook our meals.

But what is even more remarkable, technologies have revolutionized the way we communicate, connect and network. Thanks to the social media we, can now search for jobs, talk to friends and send out Birthday wishes with a click of a few buttons.

No one would ever believe that this is possible, but for us, it is nothing special.

If you are a graduate student looking for new job opportunities, then there is something you should know.

Employers now tend to look for candidates using social media unlike the old methods of posting job openings. And if you want to find a good job, you need to take this thing into account and apply certain strategies to your job search.

In a second, you will get to see the exact strategies you should use. So, save them, utilize them and enjoy how simple the job search can be if you do everything right.

1. Have a good photo.

We all tend to snap judgements about people based on their appearances. That’s how it works, and you should be ready for that

Find a good picture for your social media profile that is suitable for a resume. You should be dressed smartly and smile on it.

On that picture, you should be alone, so that the potential employer knows for sure whose profile it is. This will serve as a good first impression.

2. Have different accounts for business and personal life.

It is better to separate your business and personal accounts if possible. You should look like a real professional in the social media and for that, you need to have a different strategy than for your personal account.

Posting some topical articles and sharing your insights on specific issues can help build up a strong positive image of a top-notch specialist. So, try to bear this strategy in mind when upgrading your job search via social media.

3. Use proper language.

The way you talk is another important thing to keep an eye on. You might be posting great articles, but they will have the desirable effect only as long as you use proper language. Sound smart and try to avoid words and phrases only suitable for the informal style.

4. Enlarge your network.

Use social media to connect with interesting people, potential employers and those who have influence. Social media are all about connections and communication, so just use the right way.

And remember to ask people you know to introduce you to someone you want to work for, as employers are more likely to hire those who were recommended by someone they know rather than a brand-new professional.

5. Check out new opportunities.

You should follow the profiles of companies you are interested in to see whether they have new openings. Besides, there are many different communities where HRs post information about open position they want to fill. You should subscribe to those communities and follow influencing people – and be sure, great opportunities won’t take too long to come your way.

6. Connect with recruiters.

You need to be proactive and connect with people who hold certain positions at the companies you wish to work for. Usually recruiters start searching for perfect candidates for the open position among their followers first. So, being among those followers is a great opportunity for you to get to the point where you want to be.

7. Be real.

Even though you want to sound smart and professional, do not lose your own voice and style along the way. Be real and true to yourself. Do not post things that are trendy if you do not believe the same way, and opt to be honest rather than popular among your subscribers.

8. Have a positive social profile.

Your overall image must be positive. Otherwise, you will not achieve the desired effect. Do not post negative reviews of companies you used to work for and try not to complain about the business relationship online. Stay positive and keep your image that way whenever possible.

9. Build relationships and maintain the old ones.

When you think about a job search, consider looking at it the same way you look at any other relationships. You need to invest hard work and effort into maintaining them. The same applies here: to have string business connections, you need to work on them.

Finding a job via social media is not as hard as one might think. So, why not seizing this opportunity with our step by step instructions on how to do that?