Can you really use Facebook to get a job?

Ask any of the thousands of companies who are hiring their fans through Facebook, and they’d give you a resounding, “Yes!”

You (the collective “you,” that is!) spend the majority of your time online on social networks, and the majority of your time on social networks is on Facebook. You (again, the collective “you”) connect with about 70 companies and brands apiece, not including the ads you see and interact with from companies that you might be interested in. Your friends are all there, as are your family members–and, for many of you, your coworkers as well.

Facebook is more than just a great place to share pictures of your favorite cat (or favorite cat memes); if you take the following steps, you might just have a job with your favorite company:

Buff Up Your Social Resume


Filling out your Facebook profile is no longer just a way to make your friends jealous of your very fabulous life: sharing your work and education history publicly, as well as updating the brand new “skills” section, is a great alternative to building a separate resume online–and it puts your professional experience in a prominent place where companies and recruiters have a good chance of discovering it.

The more professional information you make publicly available, the better chance you have of being discovered–especially now that Facebook has special tools for searching and connecting with users, which employers are already making use of to find their best potential candidates.

Go take a look at your Facebook profile now. What does it say about you? Make sure you put your best face forward by setting up your privacy settings to make the right information available to the people who might hold your future job in their hands.

Tap into Your Social Network

I’ll hazard a guess that you are friends with your friends on Facebook for a reason: at some point in your lives, you made a connection based on mutual interests, schools, or workplaces. The people you know are good people with connections to other good people–including their employers. Because many people tend to connect with people who have similar interests or experiences, Facebook puts you in a great position to stumble upon someone in your network who needs someone just like you to fill a position similar to their own.
As companies–from retail to health care to finance to tech and more–build Facebook pages dedicated to their careers and make their jobs shareable, the key to your next job might be one “like” away. Social referrals come from people who like their employers and feel passionate about fortifying their own teams and companies with good people. You can leverage your own network by not only following the companies you like, but also doing a Facebook search for friends who might work there–as well as paying attention to updates your friends might share about their companies’ open positions.

Connect With Companies

Of course, when it comes to networking, it doesn’t hurt to get your foot in the door by making connections early and often. Many companies have Facebook Career Pages that boast active “talent communities” (groups of people from fans of the brand to potential candidates to applicants to employees) who get together to interact with a company’s recruiting messages, learn about open jobs, attend recruiting events and more.

Make sure that you’re not just becoming a fan of Company X, but also doing a search for and liking the page called “Company X Careers.” (And trust me, there are a lot of them.) By joining the talent community, you are letting recruiters know that you want to be considered a part of the talent pool. (And if you’ve completed step one and made the public parts of your Facebook profile into a standout digital resume, then you’re one step closer to the job of your dreams.)

If you are an employer, then you know social recruiting is becoming more important than ever for finding the best talent possible. There are even tool, such as the Social Recruiting Score to help companies analyze and measure their ability to reach and influence candidates through social networks, like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as their potential for generating social referrals or reaching mobile candidates through those networks.

What Are You Waiting For?

Are you ready to take the leap into a new career? Now more than ever, Facebook can help you get there. More companies spend more time there connecting with more qualified candidates. You can turn yourself into one of those qualified candidates by making sure that recruiters can see that you’re interested and friends can see that you’re willing to be referred.

For more ways to turn your social networking into professional networking, check out the Work4 Jobseeker Guide.